iPad - Sharing photos and videos

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Sharing photos and videos

Send a photo or video in an email, text message, or Tweet: Choose a photo or video, then tap .
If you don’t see , tap the screen to show the controls.
To post a Tweet, you must be logged in to your Twitter account. Go to Settings > Twitter.

The size limit of attachments is determined by your service provider. iPad may compress photo
and video attachments, if necessary.

Send multiple photos or videos

While viewing thumbnails, tap

, select the photos or videos, then tap Share.

Copy a photo or video


, then tap Copy.

Copy multiple photos or videos


, select the photos and videos, then tap Copy.

Paste a photo or video in an
email or text message

Touch and hold where you want to place the photo or video, then tap Paste.

Save a photo or video from an
email message

Tap to download the item if necessary, tap the photo or touch and hold the
video, then tap Save.

Save a photo or video from a
text message

Tap the image in the conversation, tap

, than tap Save.

Save a photo from a webpage

Touch and hold the photo, then tap Save Image.

Photos and videos that you receive, or that you save from a webpage, are saved to your Camera
Roll album (or to Saved Photos, on an iPad with no camera).