iPad - Managing reminders in list view

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Tap the reminder, then tap Show More. Tap List and choose a new list.
To create or edit lists, see “Managing reminders in list view” on page 79.

Delete a reminder

Tap a reminder, tap Show More, then tap Delete.

Edit a reminder

Tap a reminder, then tap its name.

Mark a reminder as completed

Tap the box next to the reminder so that a checkmark appears.
Completed reminders are shown in the Completed list. See “Managing
completed reminders” on page 80.

Set the tone played for reminders

Go to Settings > Sound.

Use iCloud to keep Reminders
up to date on your iOS devices
and computers

Go to Settings > iCloud, then turn on Reminders. See “Using iCloud” on
page 19.

Managing reminders in list view

Organizing reminders in to lists makes it easy to keep your work, personal, and other to-dos
separate from each other. Reminders comes with one list for active reminders, plus a built-in list of
completed items. You can add other lists of your own.
Create a list: At the top of the screen, tap List, then tap Edit.

Switch between lists

In list view, tap the list you want to view.

View completed items

In list view, tap Completed.

Change the order of lists

In list view, tap Edit. Drag next to a list to change the order.
You can’t move a list to a different account, and you can’t change the order
of reminders in a list.

Delete a list

In list view, tap Edit. Tap

for each list you want to delete.

When you delete a list, all the items in the list are deleted.

Change the name of a list

In list view, tap Edit. Tap the name you want to change, then type a new
name. Tap Done.

Set a default list for new reminders Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars, then under the Reminders

heading, tap Default List.