iPad - Finding and downloading apps

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Finding and downloading apps

Browse the featured selections to see new, notable, or recommended apps, or browse Top 25 to
see the most popular apps. If you’re looking for a specific app, use Search.
Browse the App Store: Tap Featured, Categories, or Top Charts.

Browse using Genius

Tap Genius to see a list of recommended apps based on what’s already in
your app collection. To turn Genius on, follow the onscreen instructions.
Genius is a free service, but you need an Apple ID.

Search for apps

Tap Search, tap the search field and enter one or more words, then tap

Email a link to an app’s Info
page in iTunes

Tap “Tell a Friend.”

Send an app to someone as a gift

Tap “Gift This App,” then follow the onscreen instructions.

Report a problem

Tap “Report a Problem.” Select a problem from the list or type optional
comments, then tap Report.

Purchase and download an app

Tap the price (or tap Free), then tap Buy Now.
If you already purchased the app, “Install” appears instead of the price on
the Info screen. You won’t be charged if you download it again.

Redeem a gift card or code

Tap Redeem near the bottom of the Featured screen, then follow the
onscreen instructions.

See the status of downloads

After you begin downloading an app, its icon appears on the Home screen
and shows a progress indicator.

Download a previously
purchased app

Tap Purchased, find the app in the list, then tap Download.
You can also download an item while browsing; just tap Download where
you usually see the price.

Automatically download
purchases made on other
iOS devices and computers

Go to Settings > Store, then turn on the kinds of purchases you want to
automatically download.