iPad - Using the iBookstore

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Using the iBookstore

In the iBooks app, tap Store to open the iBookstore. From there, you can browse featured books
or bestsellers, and find books by author or topic. When you find a book you like, you can purchase
and download it.

Note: Some features of the iBookstore may not be available in all locations.
Purchase a book: Find a book you want, tap the price, then tap Buy Book, or Get Book, if it’s free.

Get information about a book

You can read a summary of the book, read reviews, and download a sample
of the book before buying it. After buying the book, you can write a review
of your own.

Download a previous purchase

Tap Purchased, or tap Download where you usually see the price.

Automatically download
purchases made on other
iOS devices or computers

Go to Settings > Store, then turn on the kinds of purchases you want to
automatically download.