iPad - Links

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Follow a link on a webpage: Tap the link.

Open a link in a new tab

Touch and hold the link, then tap “Open in New Tab.”

See a link’s destination address

Touch and hold the link.

Detected data—such as phone numbers and email addresses—may also appear as links in
webpages. Touch and hold a link to see the available options. See “Using links and detected
data” on page 45.

Reading List

Reading List lets you collect links to webpages to read later.
Add a link to the current page to your reading list: Tap , then tap “Add to Reading List.”
Add a link to your reading list: Touch and hold the link, then choose “Add to Reading List.”

View your reading list


, then tap Reading List.

Use iCloud to keep your reading
list up to date on your iOS devices
and computers

Go to Settings > iCloud, then turn on Bookmarks. See “Using iCloud” on
page 19.


Reader displays web articles without ads or clutter, so you can read without distractions. On a
webpage with an article, you can use Reader to view just the article.
View an article in Reader: Tap the Reader button, if it appears in the address field.

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