iPad - Viewing, sharing, and printing

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Viewing, sharing, and printing

The photos and videos you take with Camera are saved in your Camera Roll album.
View your Camera Roll album: Flick from left to right, or tap the thumbnail image in the
lower-left corner of the screen. You can also view your Camera Roll album in the Photos app.
To take more photos or videos, tap Done.

If you have iCloud Photo Stream turned on in Settings > iCloud, new photos also appear in your
Photo Stream album, and are streamed to your other iOS devices and computers. See “Using
iCloud” on page 19.

For more information about viewing and sharing photos and videos, see “Sharing photos and
videos” on page 61 and “Uploading photos and videos to your computer” on page 53.

Show or hide the controls
while viewing a full-screen
photo or video

Tap the screen.

Email or text a photo or video



Tweet a photo

View the photo full-screen, tap

, then tap Tweet. To post a Tweet, you

must be logged in to your Twitter account. Go to Settings > Twitter.
To include your location, tap Add Location.

Print a photo


. See “Printing a document” on page 33.

Delete a photo or video

Tap .


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