iPad - While on a FaceTime call

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While on a FaceTime call

While talking to someone using FaceTime, you can switch cameras, change the orientation of iPad,
mute your microphone, move your picture-in-picture display, open another app, and finally, end
your call.

Switch between the front and
back cameras



Change the orientation of iPad

Rotate iPad. The image your friend sees changes to match.
To avoid unwanted orientation changes as you move, lock the iPad
orientation. See “Viewing in portrait or landscape” on page 15.

Mute the call

Tap . Your friend can still see you, and you can still see and hear your

Move your picture-in-picture

Drag the inset window to any corner.

Use another app during a call

Press the Home button , then tap an app icon. You can still talk with your
friend, but you can’t see each other. To return to the call, tap the green bar
at the top of the screen.

End the call




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