iPad - Taking a photo 

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Taking a photo

To take a Photo Booth photo, just aim iPad and tap.
Take a photo: Aim iPad and tap


When you take a photo, iPad makes a shutter sound. You can use the volume buttons on the side
of the iPad to control the volume of the shutter sound. You won’t hear a sound if you set the Side
Switch to silent. See “Buttons” on page 10.

Note: In some regions, sound effects are played even if the Side Switch is set to silent.
Switch between the front and back cameras: Tap

at the bottom of the screen.

Review the photo you’ve just taken: Tap the thumbnail of your last shot. Swipe left or right to
view more thumbnails.
If you don’t see the controls, tap the screen to display them.
Delete a photo: Select a thumbnail, then tap .
Manage photos: Tap one or more thumbnails. Tap , then tap Email, Copy, or Delete.